Mark Jackson: New York Knicks coach must be “special”

The New York Knicks head coach position has been vacant for over six weeks now, and as soon as Mark Jackson was fired from the Golden State Warriors he was rumoured to be a prime coaching candidate.

Neither he nor Knicks president Phil Jackson has expressed interest in becoming partners but Mark Jackson still has an opinion on the situation.

In a conference call promoting the NBA Finals on ABC he gave the following warning to the next NYK head coach:

“It takes a special personality and a person understanding the things that come into play to a ‘T’”

Is he positioning himself to be that ‘special personality’? Mark Jackson grew up in Brooklyn, New York and was drafted by the Knicks in 1987, even returning for a brief stint in 2002. He certainly knows the New York culture inside out, though he was reluctant to divulge what desire he had, if any, to coach the Knickerbockers.

Mark couldn’t define precisely what it was about New York that made it unique beyond calling it “something”:

“It’s something about the fans. It’s something about the pressure. It’s something about the media.”

His comments bring to mind LeBron James’ observations about the notoriously relentless New York media, pointing out that Carmelo Anthony had a tougher time escaping questions about his free agency because they “don’t take no for an answer”.

“Everybody’s not made for New York City” Mark insists.

The Mecca of Basketball has a special place in basketball history, and it makes sense that whoever gets the coaching gig is special.