LeBron James' Miami Heat or Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls?

Would the Chicago Bulls of the Michael Jordan era wipe the floor with this Miami Heat team?

An NBA three-peat has only been accomplished five times, and by only three franchises, (the Bulls twice, the Lakers twice and the Celtics once), so if the Miami heat achieve this feat by beating the Spurs it should be treated as a marvellous, historical event.

Despite this, and despite the fact the Heat are making their fourth consecutive Finals appearance (only been done three other times) Horace Grant, himself a member of the three-peat club as a part of the Bulls teams of the early 90s, dismisses LeBron James and the Heat.

Horace Grant told ESPN Chicago that the Heat “wouldn’t have had a chance” against him, Michael Jordan and the rest of the Bulls that won their three-peat in 1993.

He goes on to say that they would have “locked them up” on the defensive end and that because of the more lenient rules of today (no hand checking allowed, less tolerant of body contact in general) Michael Jordan "would have had a field day".

Grant’s statements about the current Heat team seem harsh to say the least.

LeBron is widely regarded as one of the best seven or eight players ever at the least, and it’s doubtful whether Scottie Pippen – presumably the one tasked with the job of guarding LeBron in this hypothetical matchup, would be able to slow him down significantly.

Then again, if MJ averaged 33.7 points per game in the playoffs during his first three-peat against more physical defences there’s no telling what he would be able to do with, say, Dwyane Wade guarding him.

Unfortunately the only way we can put Grant’s theory to the test is on a video game.