New screenshots and art for EA’s MOBA - Dawngate

Dawngate Logo 1

Waystone Games and EA’s free-to-play MOBA, Dawngate, has dropped some new screenshots and character art.

MOBAs are definitely the big thing right now, with Dota 2, League of Legends, and DC’s own Inifinite Crisis. EA has their own free-to-play addition to the genre too; Dawngate.

Dawngate is said to ‘look and feel familiar whilst offering a whole new way to experience MOBA gameplay.’ You can sign up to the beta over on the website. Take a look at the screenshots, character art for Kensu the Mistwalker, and the ‘break the meta’ trailer below.

Dawngate Titan Guardian 1If your team's guardian is destroyed, the match is over.

Dawngate Titan Art 1Some guardian art here.

Dawngate KensuThe game's playable characters are called 'Shapers'

Dawngate Key Art 1Dawngate key art.


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