Beautiful locales shown off in new Dragon Age Inquisition screens

Dragon Age Inquisition Logo 1

A truck load of brand new Dragon Age Inquisition screenshots showing off some locations have been officially revealed by EA and Bioware.

Eagerly waiting in anticipation for E3 next week, fans of the Dragon Age games will no doubt be looking forward to the prospect of footage for the third instalment in the series. But for now we’ve been treated to a load of great looking screenshots showing off some Dragon Age: Inquisition locations.

Four locations are show in the screenshots below; the Winter Palace, which looks just as you’d imagine a palace to look, with huge ornate décor lining grand halls, and what looks to be a garden area with greenery covering overhead trellises; Western Approach, a barren desert area with a large stone outpost; Therinfal Redoubt, a huge fortress that looks a little worse for wear in places; and finally The Fade, a dark twisted place where the inhabitants of Thedas go when they dream. Feast your eyes on the wealth of screenshots below.


Dragon Age Inquisition The Fade 1Dragon Age Inquisition The Fade 2Dragon Age Inquisition The Fade 3Dragon Age Inquisition The Fade 4Dragon Age Inquisition The Fade 5


Dragon Age Inquisition Western Approach 1Dragon Age Inquisition Western Approach 2Dragon Age Inquisition Western Approach 3Dragon Age Inquisition Western Approach 4Dragon Age Inquisition Western Approach 5Dragon Age Inquisition Western Approach 6Dragon Age Inquisition Western Approach 7


Dragon Age Inquisition Winter Palace 1Dragon Age Inquisition Winter Palace 2Dragon Age Inquisition Winter Palace 3Dragon Age Inquisition Winter Palace 4


Dragon Age Inquisition Therinfal Redoubt 1Dragon Age Inquisition Therinfal Redoubt 3Dragon Age Inquisition Therinfal Redoubt 4Dragon Age Inquisition Therinfal Redoubt 5


Dragon Age: Inquisition is due for release on 7 October in the US and 10 October in Europe for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.




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