Lonely Planet reveal their top 50 secret travel locations in Europe

A London music hall and an inn with unspoilt views of Loch Ness make the top 50, featured in Lonely Planet's new ebook Secret Europe, published today

A renovated music hall in east London, a boutique pub in Wales and a peaceful inn overlooking Loch Ness are among five British locations chosen by Lonely Planet on its list of some of the best secret spots in Europe.

The travel guide brand asked its authors to select their choices for the best undiscovered and overlooked destinations across the continent, whittling them down to 50 spots, ranging from hidden cafes to areas of secluded natural beauty.

Wilton's Music Hall in east London made the list. It is described as "a glorious and truly atmospheric surprise ... little-changed from its heyday in the late 19th century," while the Kinmel Arms pub in Conwy, Wales, is dubbed a "top-notch enclave of fine food, real ale and boutique accommodation."

The Dores Inn, which overlooks the less-visited eastern shore of Loch Ness, is also featured, and other British locations are Battle in Sussex and the tranquil, yet often overlooked, south Cotswolds region.

The list also features numerous spots across Europe that may be missed by tourists. The Kvartira Cafe (also a shop and social space) in Kaliningrad, in the Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania, is recommended as "unquestionably one of the coolest hang-outs in [the city]", while the Pripyatsky national park in Belarus, known locally as "the lungs of Europe, is described as one of the "best-kept secrets" in the country".

Visitors to Bergen in Norway are directed to the Potetkjelleren restaurant: "the sort of place that food critics rave about but attracts more locals than tourists". And in Amsterdam travellers are encouraged to step inside the Weeping Tower and enjoy a drink at the old mariner's pub inside.

• To see the full list visit lonelyplanet.com/secret-europe.

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