HITC's E3 Predictions - What can you expect to see from Sony?

Want to know what Sony will be bringing along to show at E3? Check out what we’re expecting to see.

The Sony E3 press conference falls strategically on the evening of June 9th Stateside, some hours after Xbox will be unleashing next gen Halos and the like. With grand aplomb Sony have this year arranged for their E3 announcements to be shown in movie theatres. across the States and Canada. Head here to find out the full list of venues.

If you can’t make it to the movie theatres, don’t want to spend hours staring at a browser window or just don’t fancy listening to all the corporate hype, then stick with us as we’ll be reporting on all the best bits coming from E3 including the raft of latest videos and announcements from Sony.

If you’re interested to find out what might be coming up from Sony we’re rounded up some of the things we’re expecting to see and some of the rumours we’re hoping are true.

HD Sony back-catalogue remakes for PS4

Earlier on this year we heard rumours that up-scaled HD versions of selected classic PS1 and PS2 games would be coming to PS4. We already know that the huge PS3 exclusive The Last of Us is being given an HD lick of paint by Naughty Dog. Being able to draw from their now extensive gaming past to bring classic retro PlayStation games to the PS4 is no doubt going to give PS4 another strong selling point. It will also give Sony a similar standing to Nintendo who themselves put a lot of work into bringing games from SNES, N64 and GBA etc to the Wii U’s virtual console. This is something we’re keen to see as it will give us a chance to review all the classic old school playstation games again.

Playstation Now


PlayStation Now

This is being rolled out on beta at the time of writing and it’s a pretty safe bet to expect a segment on Sony’s new game streaming service at E3. If so we can also expect to hear more about the games coming to the PlayStation Now library, fingers crossed there’ll be the announcement of swathes of classic HD remakes for PlayStation Now.

Uncharted Cover


Uncharted 4

From experience we know there’s gamers out there delaying their PS4 purchase until Uncharted 4 arrives and Sony showing off the latest adventures of Nathan Drake and co is going to set game-land spinning off into the stratosphere. Naughty Dog’s next Uncharted game will be another huge PS4 selling point and any potential game play footage will want to flaunt the graphics, OTT  climbing action and the humanised characterisations that made the previous Uncharted games so loved. Uncharted 3 was good but it felt like the series was becoming a little self-parodying, we watch for Uncharted 4 with deep interest.

Project Morpheus


Project Morpheus

Sony’s VR headset is bound to show up at E3 this year. While Project Morpheus is able to co-exist with the Facebook championed Oculus Rift so far by being PS4 only, gamers will need persuading that Sony’s VR set does the job. What does stand Sony in good stead is their ongoing love for the indie scene. So many indie projects hitting Kickstarters at the moment dangle the Oculus carrot to draw in pledgers, as a result we may well see something eccentric and inventive showing up for Morpheus.



The Order 1886

Sony’s other big exclusive shiny action game and one we’ve already seen some very encouraging footage from is also a pretty safe E3 bet. A good thumping action shooter with masterfully realised cinematic presentation is going to struggle not to sell well these days and fans will relish seeing more of the steampunk-meets-Alan Quartermaine action.


A new game from Thatgamecompany

Part of the reason that PS3 saw the inllux of smaller, more unique games on the PS Store is down to Thatgamecompany’s highly adored Flower and Journey titles, indie games that have managed to gain adulation comparable to big AAAs. A new game announcement from Sony’s indie champions TGC will go a long way to paving the way for more little gems to land on PS4, maybe, just maybe they’ll be showing something on Morpheus too.

Project Beast


Project Beast

The rumour of Project Beast, a nightmarish new game from Dark Souls devs From Software, had our ears pricked. Dark Souls II has so far passed the PS4 by and the Dragon Ages and Witchers might not be enough to make up for this. Whilst everything surrounding this ‘beast of a game’ is pure conjecture at the moment this is one we’re really hoping hard to see. It’s alleged to be another PS4 exclusive if it is real, here’s what we’ve seen of Project Beast, fingers crossed

 That's what we're looking out for from Sony.  If there's anything not on the list you think is coming up, or would like to see at E3 please feel free to drop us a comment. 


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