Wildstar Launch Trailer - Nexus awaits you!

Wildstar cover raid boss

Wildstar, a brand new sci-fi MMORPG for PC launches today with a cinematic trailer going into the enigmatic world of Nexus.

Wildstar's been impressing us at HITC and we'd recommend this brand new MMORPG title to gamers into their action RPG MMOs who crave something with originality. Wildstar is a characterful new IP that uses a new Telegraph combat system, introduces a separate over-arching path to your chosen base class and has some awesome large scale PVP battles.

The Wildstar Launch trailer just out goes into the world of Nexus, the legacy of the mysterious Eldan master-race that once lived there and the opposing Dominion and Exile factions now battling over the planet.

 Out from June 3rd Wildstar is currently only available on Windows PCs. The game uses a dual payment system whereby you can pay up with a traditional monthly subscription or buy in game C.R.E.D.D that will give you 30 days of play and is tradable for in-game currency.

If you've been playing Wildstar on the beta or are just setting out on Nexus for the first time please feel free to drop us a comment on how you're found the game. Wildstar devs Carbine Studios have high hopes for their first MMORPG do you think this game is good enough to present competition to the mighty World of Warcraft?

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