This week’s new Wii U download games

How to Survive Cover

Check out the new Wii U titles out this week on the UK Nintendo eShop.

How to Survive

Up for some top-down zombie survival action? How to Survive places you on an island where zombies are after your brain. As well as having to fight them off with the familiar fare of upgradable weapons you’ll also need to focus on your own survival; foraging and hunting for food and water and finding safe places to rest - the complete zombie survival sim. Below is an earlier trailer from last year.

Wario Land 4 - Wii U Virtual Console GBA

More retro antics for the Wii U’s handheld companion this week with the GameBoy Advance’s critically acclaimed Wario Land 4. Originally released in 2001 this classic 2D platformer has you playing as the loot hungry Wario on a mission to scoop up the riches from a fabulous golden pyramid. Wario’s not invincible in this game and naturally the pyramid’s inhabitants want to stop him, forcing Wario to undergo some amazing transformations to help him on his greedy quest, becoming Bat Wario, Bouncy Wario and even Zombie Wario.

That’s this week’s new download offerings for Wii U on the UK eShop done with. Please drop any comments about these games or any Wii U titles you’re getting stuck into or would like to see coming to the Big N’s 8th gen console.

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