Oculus and Samsung reportedly joining forces for mobile VR device

OculusRift 2

Samsung to gift Oculus new OLED screens with higher resolution than 1080p.

Sources from within both Oculus and Samsung have told Engadget that the two companies will be sharing tech they’ve developed to further their own projects. Oculus, it is said will benefit from Samsung’s new next-gen high-pixel-density OLED screens to improve their PC gaming VR headset. The screens have a higher resolution than the HD 1080p standard. so will better compliment high performing PC graphics.

In return Samsung will be getting access to Oculus mobile software development kita and help from the Facebook-owned VR vanguards to build the Samsung user interface.

While Oculus are taking things slow to get the perfect product, Samsung appear to be trying to get into the VR space early. With a well received product, Samsung could serve to increase the public desire for VR, although if it should flop there is the risk that VR as a medium could lose credibility.

According to the report, the potential Samsung VR headset will not have its own dedicated screen. Instead you slide your phone into the headset which links the phone’s display to the headset’s movement sensors. The added bonus granted by this set-up is that you will also be able to use the phone's camera to switch from virtual reality to augmented reality. It’s apparent Samsung are going for wide appeal with their VR set and allegedly the device will also be intended for use as a media player. While gaming software is in the works for the Samsung VR offering it’s expected the games will be pared down and there’s no current mention of the device coming to market with a controller.

Neither Oculus or Samsung have so far provided official confirmation of the news.

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