New Dota 2 Immortal Treasures drop in

Dota 2 Immortal Treasures 1

International 2014 Compendium owners can now get their hands on Immortal items as part of their rewards for levelling up their little digital book.

A few days ago the Dota 2 blog was updated with the announcement that the Immortal treasures were available to Compendium owners. Every Compendium comes with an Immortal Strongbox, with more being rewarded around every ten levels, which work in the same way as the newer treasures in the game, meaning you won’t receive duplicate items.

Each Immortal Strongbox holds one of eleven Immortal-class items, each with unique looks and ability effects. One of nine of the items are guaranteed to drop when you open the strong box, with a chance of dropping an extra bonus item.

My Compendium is currently level 34, through a mixture of winning games, completing Compendium challenges, and yes… I bought extra Compendium points. Why not? I love the game!

So, in total I‘ve had four Immortal Strong Boxes, which have granted me five items; one of them being the bonus item for Dragon Knight. I’ve put a couple of screenshots of the items I've received for you below.

Immortal Items Dragon Knight 1Dragon Knight's Inscribed Kindred of The Iron Dragon is one of the bonus items I received, which changes his ult's form.

Dota 2 Immortal Items Sniper 1Sniper's Inscribed Muh Keen Gun has some really cool effects for his ult.



Dota 2 Immortal Items Axe 1Axe's Inscribed Rampant Outrage helmet is by far my favourite looking item so far.

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