Mario Kart 8 release causes 666% upturn in UK Wii U console sales

Mario Kart 8 for Wii 13

The stalwart Nintendo racer takes the biggest day one sales for a WIi U title so far and the second biggest in Mario Kart history.

As Nintendo were no doubt hoping, the release of Mario Kart 8 has led to a staggering boost to UK Wii U sales. On day one it’s been reported by Chart Track that weekly UK Wii U sales have grown by 666%.

Mario Kart 8 hardware bundles made up 82% of these sales with the game itself enjoying the largest day one sales for a WIi U title since the console launched in 2012 and the second best sales for a Mario Kart game.

Carrering into the UK game charts at number 2 Mario Kart is bested only by Ubisoft’s recent Watch_Dogs release, an event which itself scored the largest day one sales for the ubiquitous games publishers.

To help nurture continuing Wii U sales Nintendo are offering a free Wii U game to those who purchase and register their Mario Kart 8 copy on Club Nintendo by July 31st.

We’ve been putting Mario Kart 8 through its paces and will be back this week with our review.

If you’ve been getting into Mario Kart 8 how are you finding it so far? Please leave your Mario Kart 8 ponderings in the comments section below.

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