Upcoming games for PS4 - June 2014

UFC Bruce Lee Screen

There’s a fair selection of new PS4 games to look forward to in June including EA Sports UFC and Murdered Soul Suspect.

The PS4 isn’t looking so out of shape games-wise as the year rolls along. While Sony’s latest gaming powerhouse hasn’t had its Titanfall, a steady stream of AAAs and smaller titles have kept hitting the PS4 games chart showing if anything there’s a broad choice for gamers. June’s shaping up to be continuing in this vein with some little gems in amongst the blockbusters. If you’re looking for new PS4 games we’ve rounded up what’s coming up in June below.

1001 Spikes - June 3rd

8Bits Fanatics' retro-styled platformer started out life as the indie Xbox Live game Aban Hawkins & 1001 Spikes and has since gained enough notoriety to get picked up by Nicalis and given a touch up for PS4. Check out the straight-up skill-testing homage to great 8bit games in the trailer below, only you can beat 1001 spikes.


Murdered Soul Suspect - June 3rd (North america) June 6th (Europe)

Murdered: Soul Suspect isn’t your run off the mill top-tier action adventure but it’s doing something different and for that alone it deserves attention. Square Enix and Airtight are putting you in a dead man’s shoes with this game as you solve the case of your own murder whilst moving through an eerie limbo world encountering other ghosts and dodging soul eating demons. Playing as a ghost you get some cool powers to play with, most notably the ability to walk through walls, in itself a pretty impressive bit of games development. All you need to know about Murdered is below.


EA Sports UFC - June 17th

Only available for next gen, EA Sports UFC looks obscenely impressive. The game’a super-realistic graphics the attention to detail with body deformation and pulverising full-contact gameplay make EA Sports UFC look like a great fighter even if you’re not a UFC fan. A demo will be on PSN from June 3rd if you want to try this game out and if you pre-order now you can get the legendary Bruce Lee on your fighters roster from day one. Check it out.


MotoGP 14 - June 20th

Milestone’s hit motor bike racing sim continues with their first attempt at a title for next gen. If you’re into your biking games this one is going to be deeply immersive. MotoGP 13 was criticised for looking a bit out of date and having some technical shortcomings. For this year’s version a brand new sound and graphics engine and revamped physics have been added along with a bunch of new play modes. A teaser is below.


Valiant Hearts: The Great War - June 25th

Inspired by letters written during World War I ,this puzzle platformer follows a German soldier's search for his love in a story dealing with themes of patriotism, companionship, sacrifice and survival amidst the horrors of war. Coming from Ubisoft Montpellier, Valiant Hearts has been built with Ubisoft’s UbiArt Framework from which we’ve previously seen Rayman legends and Child of Light, both beautifully realised games that ooze class and there’s every reason to expect the same from Valiant Hearts.


Sniper Elite III - June 27th (Europe) July 7th (North America)

If Anyone is unsure about Rebellion’s World War II tactical shooter Sniper Elite III check out the comments from unapologetic celebrity games critic Charlie Brooker about the Sniper Elite games. He once described Sniper Elite V2 in The Guardian as, “The Rolls Royce of sniping games” and in appreciation of Brooker’s endorsement Rebellion have included the man himself to appear in the new Sniper Elite title. Head back to 1942 and battle the notorious German Africa Corps, below is a trailer with some gameplay, this game goes into great depths of detail.


Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark - 27th June

Those mighty morphing robots are back and this time in a story taking place before the Ark was launched in the Aligned continuity. Attempting to pull together events from the previous Transformers: War for Cybertron and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron games and the upcoming Transformers: Age of Extinction movie Dark Spark wants to appeal to fans of both the transformers film and the games. In the Uk you’ll be able to get the game before the film comes out to keep you going although there may be some spoilers. Here’s a PS4 trailer for Dark Spark.


Those are the games we know of coming up for PS4 in June we’ll be reporting on any newcomers. As ever please leave any comments you have about the upcoming games this month or anything relating to PS4 games. Also it hit the news recently that PS4 gamers signed up to PlayStation Plus will be getting two games for their Instant Game Collections each month from now on we’ve detailed June’s PS4 freebies here.

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