Steam Greenlight - Among the Sleep. Experience a nightmare!

Among The Sleep

Among the Sleep : A horror game set in the perspective of a two year old child. Read on and find out more.

If you have seen the music video to MGMT's hit "Kids", then you will be familiar with the perspective and imagination of a young child when tormented by the horrors of discovery and discovery seems to be a major theme in this game and its heavily based on atmosphere and exploration. In a nutshell, you will have to learn how to interact with the environment.

With this game, the vulnerability of the character has been heightened to levels we haven't seen before in other horror games, you will be experiencing this as a two year old child and you will have to manipulate your surroundings in order to hide from threats which could be lurking in the shadows following you while you are unaware or round each corner of the house and beyond.

The world will be incredibly interactive, you will be able to climb, push, pull, peek around corners, open and close doors, hide in cupboards, under objects or behind them. You can even make a staircase out of drawers!

There will be certain puzzle elements but the atmosphere is solely one of a surreal horror experience. After waking up in the night, you will be dragged into a scary alternative dram-like reality with many strange and unexplainable occurrences happening round the house. You will have to plunge through diverse environments looking for shelter or safety, will you find your parents?

Below you will find three trailers: Gameplay Trailer 1:

Gameplay Trailer 2: Environment Teaser 1:  
The game is now available on PC, Mac and Linux, it will also be arriving on consoles if the kickstarter is successful, it also has full support for Oculus Rift. Let us know what you think about "Among the Sleep"...

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