Nether: New Survival Horror Screenshots

Nether 7

Nether is a first person style MMO/Survival Horror game and we've got some great screenshots to share with you.

Nether is set in an apocalyptic world after an event which transformed 2/3 of the human population into demonic, alien-like creatures. Here's a bit more info about the plot:

The Cull is an apocalyptic event which coincided with a solar flare hitting Earth's atmosphere has caused humanity to break down and perish, there are many human survivors however, 2/3 of the human population was transformed into demonic creatures called "Nethers", the others who did not survive were killed.

In Nether, humanity has now broken down into small tribes. Within this world there are many safe zones with anti-nether technology which temporarily protects them from the hordes. The Nethers however, grow larger in number every day and frequently attack the safe zones to destroy and devour the remnants of the human race.

Below are screenshots of this great, yet sinister looking game.

I don't think the nether did this to them.
Nether 1

It just wanted a hug...
Nether 2

Guns are so over-rated...
Nether 3

Do you think this person died on the toilet?
Nether 4

This might be a good time to run...
Nether 5

Friend or Foe?
Nether 6

What could be lurking around here?
Nether 7

Teamwork = Survival
Nether 8

Nether is currently available in open alpha and is exclusive to PC. Does the game look interesting to you?


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