GTA 5 and The Mystery of the Mt. Chilliad Mural (Pt. Two)


Yoga and Aliens? there's more in common than you think according to Rockstar. Here's part 2 of the Mystery of the Mt. Chilliad Mural.

Did somebody say Yoga? Perhaps not. The numerous alien yoga symbols dotted around Blaine County however, seem to suggest a familiar connection between aliens and yoga itself. Is this in anyway even remotely connected to the Mt Chilliad Mural? Lets find out, there is certainly more than meets the eye.

Lets go to the mission "Did somebody say Yoga", Michael experiences are rather unusual alien abduction whilst he is under the influence of drugs during this mission, a clue perhaps? One of the mission challenges  is called Praise the Sun, the altruists seems to have similar signs of sun worship regarding symbolism related to the mural painted around the camp. The hippie camp also has several paintings of aliens engaging in some serious yoga activities. Is this a potential way to communicate with the aliens that seem to be popping up around Blaine County?

There are several places which allow Michael to participate in Yoga, one of them is Mt. Gordo. Could this be a potential communication location? Yoga done here at a specific time of the day after 100% game completion could perhaps spring up something rather extraordinary. 

What does this have to do with the Mt. Chilliad Mural though? Well its surely not a coincidence that the UFO is involved in the Yoga mission and the alien pictures are partaking in Yoga. Perhaps further investigation is needed in order to establish a connection. If the aliens are involved however connected, then it is almost certain that the alien presence has something to do with the Mural. Mt Chilliad itself seems to be the centre of the alien investigation.

Yoga isn't the only thing we have encountered that could potentially be used to communicate with the extra-terrestrial beings though. The Space Docker has been relatively disregarded in some of the newer investigations even though it stands as the most significant figure in this investigation. Could the Space Docker be the key to solving the Mt. Chilliad mural? A Vehicle capable of creating sound signals, requiring 50 alien parts to build surely cannot be ruled out since aliens and UFOs seem to be popping up all over Blaine County.

We will keep you updated when more discoveries are made, perhaps some time soon we will be able to reveal the answers people have been waiting for.

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