DreadOut - Very Frightening Indonesian Horror Game Coming To PC

DreadOut 2

DreadOut is a supernatural horror game set in an abandoned town in the middle of nowhere. Read on if you dare!

Here's the premise for this scary looking game set in Indonesia.

When a group of high school students on a field trip wonder away from the rest of the class, they discover something rather extraordinary, a long forgotten town which has been abandoned for years. The "abandoned town" is not as abandoned as they think it is, and supernatural forces from a realm beyond their existence lurk within the town. Unaware of the danger, an unauthorized adventure away from the class turns into a disaster as sinister forces endanger the lives of the students.

Linda, one of the students is now burdened with the responsibility of saving the lives of herself and he friends. Linda receives unfamiliar supernatural abilities which she must manipulate in order to solve mysteries and puzzles that will determine her fate. She must use her smartphone to navigate and survive dangerous encounters with unknown forces in order to survive the dread.

Rather than the typical "survival/perma-death" horror games we have been accustomed to, this one is set out as a story full of twists. The game can also be played in first or third person and switched between at any time to add a larger perceptive range, it is likely that you will have to utilize both perspectives in order to survive the experience. 

The graphics are not the most visually appealing, but this world is not meant to be one to impress the eye, the setting is dull, gloomy and quite vague. There is a connection between Linda's character/personality and the haunted place she gets trapped in, she only has a few friends and she values them very closely which heightens the atmosphere in the game, since everyone in in danger, Linda is determined to save them.

A Demo can be played at http://dreadout.com/ 

Here's the trailer:

DreadOut is now available on Steam and will also be coming to PS4 and Oculus Rift in the future, it is likely that it could be available on the Morpheus. What do you think of the game? 

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