DreadOut: Scary Screenshots

DreadOut 6

DreadOut is a very creepy Asian horror game where a group of school students discover and awaken a dormant, sinister evil in an abandoned town.

What is set out to be a normal field trip for a bunch of students turns into a life threatening disaster when a small group discover a long lost and forgotten abandoned town.

Naturally, the town is not as abandoned as the students realize and dark sinister forces from beyond the realm of existence are awakened from their slumber when the curious students investigate the town. Linda, the protagonist has to unravel the dark, twisted secrets of the town and save the lives of her accomplices who are now in austere positions of danger.

Check out the screenshots for the game...

Lets stay away from them...
DreadOut 1

The Mobile Phone, Modern Survival Tool #1...DreadOut 2

Time to get back to the crew.DreadOut 3

What could be lurking around in here?DreadOut 5

Mind if I... Drop in?
DreadOut 7

Isn't it a bit too dark to go wondering around?
DreadOut 4

The game is currently available on PC, Mac and Linux on Steam and will also be coming to PlayStation 4 and Oculus Rift in the future. Are you going to play this game?

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