Upcoming games for Wii U - June 2014

Transformers Rise Of The Dark Spark

If Mario Kart 8 is not enough, there’s more new games for WIi U in store in June including Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark and a Wii U port of Pushmo.

Mario Kart 8 has landed and there’s a chance many of you will be sporting a shiny new Wii U as a result. Here’s some new Wii U games to add to your collection coming out in June,

How to Train Your Dragon 2 - 13th June

Little Orbit’s film tie-in game for How to Train Your Dragon 2 sets you in flight upon your trusty dragon steed around the Viking Island of Berk, taking part in training exercises, epic tournament events and fun mini-games. Choose from a selection of dragons and riders and follow the quest to become a heroic dragon rider encountering familiar faces from the film along the way. Here’s a teaser.

Pushmo World - June 19th

A Wii U exclusive sequel to the highly popular and heavily addicting 3DS game. Push and pull your way through a series of increasingly complex block puzzles to open up a route to climb to your goal. Benefitting from the superior sound and visuals on the WII U, Pushmo World will have 250 brand new levels for Pushmo fans to try along with a level builder and a share facility for budding Pushmo creators to show their handy-work. Check it out.

ONE PIECE Unlimited World Red - June 27th (July 8th in North America)

Those in the know will recognise One Piece as the best selling manga series in history. Follow the Straw Hat Pirates on an epic RPG action/adventure realised in crisp, colourful anime style with Uffy, Oro, Ami and a host of other popular One Piece characters to play with. See the manga artistry for yourself in the trailer below.

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark - June 27th

This is one for fans of either the Transformers games or the Transformers films, (or both) as Rise of the Dark Spark continues from the previous Cybertron games whilst also weaving in elements from the latest Transformers movie. For a film tie-in game Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark isn’t actually looking that bad. A gameplay trailer is below.

That’s all the new Wii U releases we have for June for now, do leave a comment if you’re pleased, nonplused, or otherwise to see any of the titles we’ve shown.

Alongside the trickle of new releases coming to Wii U it’s always worthwhile checking what's available to download on the Nintendo eShop. There’s new games up each week with a steady stream of indies and a trove of retro revamps to be had and of course the occasional Nintendo blockbuster.

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