Hamilton criticised for "derogatory" Stevenage comments


Lewis Hamilton has been criticised for making 'derogatory' comments about his home town.

Speaking ahead of last weekend's Monaco Grand Prix, Hamilton compared his upbringing in a "not-great place in Stevenage" with that of Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg, who was raised in Monaco.

That has caused a number of local councillors to voice their unhappiness with 29-year-old Hamilton, who left Britain in 2007 to live in Switzerland and has since relocated to Monaco

“I can’t see how he can say such things about the place where he grew up," said Cllr Philip Bibby. "He needs to remember his roots.

“The council runs numerous schemes with the aim of providing opportunities for all our young people – from the academic through to the athletic and artistic types. His comments are unfair.”

Meanwhile Cllr Howard Burrell, Stevenage Borough Council’s member for young people, culture, sport, and leisure, called Stevenage "a great place to grow up," adding that "there was no need for Lewis to be so derogatory in his comments. It’s where he came from, after all."

Council leader Sharon Taylor added: “Of course we are very proud of Lewis – he’s an incredible example of what people from Stevenage can do.

"But it would be a lot better if he could speak up for the place he comes from. We would love to talk to him about promoting the town.

“He’s an inspiration to other young people and we want them to feel they can become the best in their field – just as he has.”