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Nether is a horror/MMO set during an apocalypse which has caused several a large proportion of mankind to transform into demonic, humanoid creatures...

Nether is a first-person shooter, survival horror MMO. The game is set in a vast urban city-scape based on Chicago. Due to the events of an apocalypse, the city is now in desolation and players are required to craft and scavenge resources and food in order to survive.

The city spans across several hundred blocks and almost every building is accessible, even multi-story buildings and danger lurks around every corner and nowhere is safe following the events of a devastating apocalypse known as "the cull" where two thirds of the human population was transformed into demonic humanoids.

The event happened shortly after a solar flare hit the planet and that is believed to have been the cause, however there is debate in the world of Nether regarding its cause and some believe that it is an extra-terrestrial virus whilst others believe it was an Earth-generated biological weapon.

Several religious cults have also sprung up, one of them is called "The Order of the Cull".The infected are known as "The Nether" and there are several different types of them which you will have to deal with differently, the lost are half human, half nether but are incredibly unstable and will explode if they are killed or attacked, there are shriekers although can spit toxic fluid will flee from the player and alert other nether, watchers will detect you, crawlers, hunters, reapers and Golems will cause havoc and there are mantis nether which attack from the sky. 

There are random events which can happen spontaneously anywhere on the map, one of these is called a Nether Surge where tons of Nether will completely swarm an area. You either get the hell out of there since you won't be able to take them on alone or you can rally up and take them out.

Escort packages will also spawn at random locations and can be brought to specific safe zones for money and experience points.The game combines elements of PvE and PvP which generates big decision making when trusting other players.

The enemy however is very smart and will retain several human qualities in addition to their new abilities. They are not easy to kill which means that grouping up is going to ensure that you survive longer.

Player vs Player is controversial since The game features safe zones, these areas are protected by anti-nether devices which repel them. However, this does not provide permanent safety. The nether grow in forces and will frequently attack the safe zones.

Human players will have to regularly defend and repair the anti-nether devices in order to survive.Not all nether are hostile though, in fact you have the ability to play as a crawler and you can not only walk among the nether without being attacked but can also help defend the humans... Or destroy them...

Below are some Trailers ... Live Action Trailer

Gameplay Trailer (Alpha Footage)
The game is currently exclusive to PC and is available in open alpha for testing. What do you think of the game so far?

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