Steam Greenlight: Monstrum - new survival horror coming to PC

Monstrum 8

Monstrum is a randomly generated survival horror. You are stranded on a large ship in the middle of the ocean. You are not alone.

Stranded aboard a large ship, the player must survive traps, hazards and the presence of a deadly creature that lurks around, hunting the player. Since there is no way to take the hostile pursuer down, the player must escape the ship using items gathered aboard.

Running, hiding, luring the enemy in the wrong direction and causing several distractions will be your ticket out of the ship and of course, will mean your survival. However, because the ship's layout is randomly generated, so is the creature aboard, and different creatures need to be dealt with in different ways.

The game combines permanent death, with a procedurally generated layout, similar to games such as Daylight. This game will be replayable and non-repetitive and if you die, you will have to start over with a completely different experience.

The game features multiple pursuers, it is unclear whether or not there may be multiple creatures in the same experience, but there is more than just one monster which can be generated. You will need to play this one out strategically because different monsters have different strengths and weaknesses you will have to manipulate in order to survive. The same actions may not work each time and you won't always be able to escape a direct encounter.

So how can you avoid an encounter? Well, because you are being hunted you will need to think intelligently and improvise accordingly to each situation. You could for example avoid turning on lights to attempt to cover your tracks, you could leave lights on in rooms you have just left or turn a radio on in a completely different room to draw attention away from you. You could throw an object down some stairs or in a direction to divert attention away from you if you know the creature is near. 

Of course, you are going to be needing to distract your hunter continuously and this does not protect you from an accidental direct encounter, once spotted you are in a lot of danger and you will need to run whilst causing several distractions to divert attention from you when you have escaped sight. Another thing you can do is hide, and you will need to do this a lot, since you are expected to be on guard the whole time. You can hide in lockers, behind or underneath furniture, behind boxes and hope that you are not spotted, but you need to be incredibly careful since hiding places will not always protect you and you may not always be able to hide. If the creature suspects that you are hidden, it will look.

There are many hazards and traps aboard the ship. If you are foolish, you will run round the ship like a lunatic and the traps will take advantage of you. If you are intelligent, you need to not only look out for traps and hazards, but also take advantage of them. A hazard for you could be equally as dangerous for the creature which is hunting you, depending on the generated creature's strengths, weaknesses and abilities, which may also be randomly generated. An intelligent player will use the traps as weapons against the enemy; you could perhaps lure the enemy into a trap as part of a distraction, or to escape a direct encounter. Not all traps are deadly however, security cameras and alarms will alert the creature to your location, so you will have to run as far away as you can and hide. Alarms can make excellent distractions, so don't let them take advantage of you.

You don't want to stay in a room with a light on, or at least not for long, a light is going to cause attention. And if you are going to stay in a room with a light on, then you better make sure its not the only light in the area; in other words, you don't want your location to stand out.  You need to work quickly and cautiously in order to survive and escape since nowhere is safe and even a hiding place cannot protect you forever. The hunter is more intelligent than you think.

There are multiple escape routes which require different methods and different items and you will have to be extremely careful since caution here is absolutely paramount. Escape routes open up more areas of the generated map making it larger and well, the spawn area may have been safe but you will be opening up entrances that the creature can use.

Below is a quick trailer...

The game is expected to release, Autumn this year for PC, Mac, Linux and Oculus Rift. It has also been confirmed that the developers, Team Junkfish, are interested in bringing the game to PS4 and Morpheus. Will you be playing it when it launches?

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