Steam Greenlight: Coma:Mortuary, frightening horror for PC


Coma:Mortuary is one of the creepiest games you will play, it is set in a psychological reconstruction of the world of the dead.

Fear is a very abstract concept, a direct product of thought itself, and if thought itself creates constructed reality, then fear can easily become part of it. One does not necessarily have to be conscious to feel it though, it exists in our very subconscious ready to spring up when we are intimidated by a visible threat or an unknown entity. When it does spring into our mind, we have little control over it.

This however is no ordinary horror game, it will not leave you questioning, "is there something in here with me" but instead leaving you to acknowledge that you are not alone and the threats are physical. Fear is not the only emotion that cannot easily be controlled. Depression, nihilism and hopelessness will accompany the persistent theme of fear in this dark, melancholy horror.

So what is Coma:Mortuary? Well its classified as ambient, psychological horror. Following the events of the tragic demise of his girlfriend, the protagonist has lost his meaning to live which has emotionally maneuvered him into a nihilistic mental state.This leads him to attempted suicide which he does behind the wheel of his car whilst drunk, in the same spot his girlfriend died. The suicide attempt does not kill him however which not only knocks him into a severe state of unconsciousness but severs the connection between his soul and body. He is know stuck in what appears to be a psychological recreation of the world of the dead.

Below you will find 3 trailers.

Official Trailer Production Trailer Introduction/Context Trailer

The game is available now on steam and has been Greenlit by the community.

Have you heard of this game before? Will you be getting it?

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