Coma:Mortuary spooky screenshots

ComaMortuary 4

Coma:Mortuary is one of the creepiest games you will play, it is set in a psychological reconstruction of the world of the dead.

A non-successful suicide attempt, drunk behind the wheel of a car in response to his lovers death, ends when the protagonist is knocked into a severe coma. The unconsciousness forces the connection between the body and soul to sever causing a psychological construction of the world of the dead in which the protagonist is now trapped. Unable to wake up from the coma and in critical condition both physical and emotional, he is locked into his own subconscious reconstruction of the afterlife and must survive the horrors that await him there.

Below you will find several screenshots.

Could this be before the suicide?
ComaMortuary 1

The car wreckage...
ComaMortuary 2

We aren't quite sure whether this is real or constructed
ComaMortuary 3

Beautiful, but where are we?ComaMortuary 4

I don't think we are supposed to be here...
ComaMortuary 5

A light in the darkness...
ComaMortuary 6

The beautiful night sky...
ComaMortuary 7

Why are we down here again?
ComaMortuary 8

The game is featured on Steam Greenlight and is now available on PC.

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