Rude travel phrasebooks: How to swear like a local

A new range of phrasebooks includes a dedicated section on how to let rip in a foreign tongue. We've distilled the best rages and retorts from the Ranting, Bitching and Swearing chapters

We've shown you how to eat like a local, hit the beach like a local and find the best locals' boozers. Now, should your holiday fail to be the sanctum of relaxation and tranquillity you'd planned, you can even curse like a native. Arm yourself with the expressions you really need when temperatures (and tempers) rise abroad with these colourful phrases – in French, German, Italian and Spanish – taken from a new series of phrasebooks out next month.


Ta gueule!/Ferme ta gueule!/Ferme ton clapet! – Shut your mouth!

De l'air!/Dégage!/Va te faire foutre! – Piss off/Go screw yourself!

Tête de nœud/Un nain – Dickhead/Prick/Complete idiot

Un fouille-merde - Shit-stirrer

être con comme un balais - To be as daft as a brush

Un lèche-cul – Arse kisser


Völliger Bockmist - Complete bullshit

Es ist zum Kotzen! - It makes you want to puke!

Arschloch!/Du Arsch! - Arse/asshole!, You arse!

Trottel! - Jerk!

Das ist keinen Pfifferling wert - It's not worth a damn/straw

Miststück!/Mistkerl! - Douchebag!


Un guastafeste - A party pooper

Farsela addosso/farsela sotto/Cagarsi sotto - To shit your pants with fear

È un gasato - He's/She's a boaster/A blowhard

Stronzo - Son of a bitch

Pezzo di merda - Scumbag

Rompicoglioni - A pain in the arse


¡Qué chorrada! - What bullshit!

Una patada en los cojones/huevos - A real kick in the nuts

Estar pedo/Llevar un pedo - To be as drunk as a skunk

Ser un bocazas - To have a large trap

¡Métetelo donde te quepa! - You can stick that where the sun don't shine!

Marco Polo Phrasebooks in French, German, Italian and Spanish are published on 2nd June

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