LeBron James comments suggest he wants more additions at Miami Heat?

Former MVP LeBron James made a surprise statement regarding his own team. Does he want more top talent added in free agency?

It's an odd thing to say as leader of reigning two time NBA champions, but LeBron James doesn’t think his team are technically as good as others in the league. As reported by sportingnews.com:

"We're talented, but we're not that talented," James said. "We have a really, really good team. We have some very talented guys. We're not the most talented team, I don't think, in the NBA. There's a lot of other talented teams. We have some very, very high-IQ basketball players. And I think IQ is more important than talent."

Presumably James is referring to the loaded Western Conference teams, like OKC who can boast three top 20 players, none older than 25. Or perhaps he’s talking about a growing Houston Rockets team with all-stars James Harden and Dwight Howard at the helm and young players Omer Asik, Chandler Parsons and Jeremy Lin giving excellent support.

Either way, he wouldn’t specify what teams he had in mind, which is wise considering that the media would be rife with speculation about the teams LeBron wants to play with

Regardless, the speculation won’t cease. Comments like these will only lend credence to rumours that he is looking for more help once the season finishes, whether they manage to win their third consecutive NBA title or not.

Remember that he previously expressed his dismay with Wade’s health issues and how much it disrupted the team’s rhythm and chemistry. He’s missed a sizeable chunk of games with knee related issues and they’re not suddenly going to go away as he continues into his thirties.

LeBron acknowledges that the reason for Miami’s success is the high basketball IQ of the team which is “more important than talent”.

On top of having a high IQ his team has age and experience. It’s notable that NBA championships are seldom won by youthful teams. The Heat’s most used line-up last year had an average age of 30; the 2011 Mavericks were 31 years old on average, and so on.