Apple want Samsung retrial

The patent war looks set to be dragged out even further as Apple have reportedly requested a retrial with Samsung over patent infringement.

The BBC are reporting that Apple is not happy with the amount of damages they have been awarded in comparison with the figure they thought they were owed by their South Korean rivals.

Apple were seeking approximately $2.2bn from Samsung after claiming that their rivals had copied five patented technologies that feature in Apple's mobile operating system iOS.

Samsung fought back at Apple and claimed that the Californian company had in fact infringed on the South Korean company's intellectual property.

Three weeks ago a judge found that both companies were guilty of patent infringement; Apple was awarded $119m and Samsung were awarded a tiny $158,000.

Unsurprisingly Apple wanted much more than they were awarded and the only way to increase the figure is to have a retrial.

Apple and Samsung have been embroiled in a bitter battle of intellectual property for years. In their first legal battle two years ago Samsung were ordered to pay Apple $930m for patent infringement, but Samsung are still trying to challenge that figure.

Many thought that Apple might look to settle the score with Samsung like they did with Google last week. Apple and Google/Motorola agreed to settle any remaining patent lawsuits out of court, and even decided that they would work together in trying to bring about patent reform.