U55 - End of the Line: Screenshots

U55 - End of the Line

Here are some screenshots of the upcoming survival horror, U55 - End of the Line.It will be available on PC and Mac.

U55: End of the Line is a short series styled horror game will be experienced over the course of nine episodes with three additional bonus ones as well.

You will be stuck in the subway tunnels following the events of a train crash. Using your phone as a tool to escape, you will have to improvise by using your intelligence.

Making the wrong decisions and trusting the wrong people will mean that your phone will not be able to protect you, and the consequences will be severe. Your actions and interactions will not only shape the plot, but the outcome of the series. The game has also been featured on Steam Greenlight.

Check out the screenshots and concept art for this intriguing and spooky game:

Your means of escape, the smartphone...

U55 - End of the Line

I don't think the train is responsible for this disaster...
U55 - End of the Line

Is that blood on the train?
U55 - End of the Line

In any typical horror game in the dark, the lights seem to be dysfunctional.
U55 - End of the Line

Could this be the train that crashes?
U55 - End of the Line

Concept Art: Do you feel safe in an underground subway?
U55 - End of the Line Concept Art

Concept Art: This crash must have caused some serious damage...
U55 End of the Line Concept Art

Does this game look interesting to you? Let us know whether you will be playing this or leaving it...

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