U55 - End of the Line: New Psychological Horror for PC

U55 - End of the Line

U55 – END OF THE LINE is a survival horror adventure, deeply embedded in H.P. Lovecrafts mythology and set in the subway system of modern-day Berlin.

Similar to the horror film "Creep", this horror game shares the same unforgivable and hostile atmosphere of the night-time subway station. But this experience seems to be rooted into the psychological horror genre. Unlike many other horror titles, this one has been set out like a series and the story is told over the course of 9 episodes lasting roughly 45 minutes. There are 3 additional bonus episodes.

The horror game is deeply embedded in the works of the famous horror-fiction writer, Howard Phillips Lovecraft. The game will feature the theme of the unexplained or supernatural breaking into natural reality. The game also features binaural sound effects designed for stereo headsets which will not only increase your perception, but also heighten the disturbing and foreboding atmosphere.

David, an American student in Berlin is involved in an accident in the subway while on his way to meet his lover. After a train crash, surviving the accident, David is left to find his way out of the darkness with his phone as his only source of light. David can also upgrade the phone throughout the game through installation of various applications such as flash light, larger battery pack, translator, navigation assistants and even animal noises.

You will however, always remain vulnerable throughout the game and your choices will determine whether or not you survive or die trying. The choices you make will influence not only the game's progression but also its final outcome.

There is a strong theme of "be careful who or what you trust" Your ears will deceive you on several occasions. Sound effects are paramount when creating a strong horror experience, and this is precisely where U55 is most innovative. The acoustic background is centred around the use of subliminal messages. Binaural beats are the sole aspect of the background.

Binaural beats have often been used in psychotherapy; specific frequencies can influence brainwaves to behave in a specific way causing different emotions. For example, certain frequencies can calm the brain, and of course there is an emotional spectrum that can be manipulated for an incredibly unique experience. 

Its not only your ears you won't be trusting though, you are not alone. There are other characters each with detailed background stories. Trust, Honesty, Love may not mean as much to someone else as they will to you and you have to be careful who you trust.

There are severe consequences for trusting the wrong people and blindly following them. That being said, you probably ought to watch Game of Thrones, that will give you a clearer concept.

Regardless though, you will remain vulnerable so you are going to need to improvise your way out of this in order to survive. "When meddling with forces as old as the universe itself, you cannot simply fight your way through". So no mini-guns, no high end assault rifles, no guns, grenades or other conventional explosives. You're not exactly dealing with the standard ghost here, instead a very powerful entity of some kind.

Your phone is your primary ticket out and you will be able to counter most threats with the tools on your phone if you improvise intelligently.

On top of this, there is however one feature that affects the atmosphere negatively, and that is the voice acting. Its not appalling, but its far from great and often tends to interfere and irritate the atmosphere of the game. The exaggerated reactions can often make the experience feel incredibly unrealistic and since so much effort has gone into the sound effects, poorly executed voice acting can seriously infringe the atmosphere and experience as a whole.

Check out the gameplay trailer:

There are several health and safety warnings a swell which will be listed below.

-Some people can receive nausea headaches when listening to specific frequencies. It is advised that people take regular breaks from the game if they are negatively affected.

-Binaural sound frequencies can also be damaging, people who suffer from epilepsy or other types of seizures should avoid prolonged exposure to binaural frequencies and avoid using binaural beats.

So, are you excited? Will you be playing this game or giving this one a miss?

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