Dota 2 International 2014 China qualifier results

Dota 2 International 2014

The winners and runners up of The International 2014 China qualifier rounds have been added to list of participants in this year’s tournament.

We’re almost there, with the final set of qualifying rounds taking place tomorrow between the European teams, we have a near-complete picture of who we’re going to see at the finals in July.

The China qualifiers have been added to the roster over on the Dota 2 website – LGD-Gaming came out victorious overall, with CIS Game the runners up.

LGD-Gaming join the other regional qualifier winners; North American Rejects, of the Americas region; and Arrow Gaming, of the Southeast Asia region.

CIS Game will be matched up with the other regional runners up to participate in a Play-In Series, of which the winner will move on in the tournament to compete with the other teams.

The screenshot below shows the current state of TI14’s line up.

Qualifier Results 2

The European leg of the qualifiers began on Saturday and will end tomorrow, then we’ll have the names of all teams participating in Seattle this July.


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