Dallas Mavericks NBA Trade Talk: Feat Tyson Chandler, Luol Deng, Dirk Nowitzki

A round-up of the latest Dallas Mavericks NBA rumor and speculation. Which moves will owner Mark Cuban make?

The season is long over for the Mavericks despite a stellar play-off battle against the all-conquering San Antonio Spurs.

Here is a look at the rumblings surrounding the team heading into the off-season:

Tyson Chandler a target?

The Mavs are said to be keen on bringing back center Tyson Chandler to Dallas, whose contract with the Knicks expires at the end of the 2014/15 season. How they do that is another matter. Dallas do not hold big draft chips, 34 and 51. The most likely solution is the deal would happen as part of a multi-team trade akin to Dwight Howard's 2012 switch to the Lakers which involved four teams.

Luol Deng to arrive in free agency?

ESPN claim a 'likely' target in free agency is Cleveland Cavalier Luol Deng. The former Chicago Bull is on the market this summer, and has been linked with the LA Lakers. Deng will not come cheap, with a $14 million salary, and it could mean Dallas won't be able to renew a deal for their own free agent Shawn Marion.

Dirk Nowitzki addresses his future

All-Star and former MVP Dirk Nowitzki will be a free agent this summer, but do not expect him to be going anywhere. He told ESPN last week: "Like I always said, it wouldn't even feel right if I played somewhere else. We'll get together at some point and talk about the future and see what we've got going. It hasn't gotten to that point yet." Nowitzki is 35, and it would be a major surprise if he landed up switching teams.