Sony report around half of PS4 users are now signed up with PS Plus

The console giants also expect to shift a combined total of 17 million PS3s and PS4s this year.

In a meeting with investors Sony boss Kaz Hirai has let on that approximately half the world’s PS4 gamers are also signed up with the PlayStation Plus premium games service. Hirai also let on that PS4 is starting to make a profit on hardware sales alone.

This shows a marked shift from earlier intentions from Sony to follow the more-establish model of selling consoles at a loss. With Sony losing billions elsewhere a combination of strong PS4 sales and the news of high numbers of PS Plus subscribers on the new platform are allowing for Sony to recoup some of their losses.

In practice if half of the current 7 million PS4 users are paying extra for games on PS Plus then this could represent around £12 million in revenue each month from PS4 alone.

Further to the glimmer of hope presented by strong PS4 sales Sony are also saying that this year they expect to see a combined total of PS3 and PS4 sales of around 17 million units.

This is leading Sony to say with some confidence that profits from PS4 sales will eventually surpass those of the PlayStation 2 which two generations ago served to cement Sony's standing as a leading player in the gaming world.


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