New Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer shows spooky sleuth game features

Murdered sceen 4

We have the latest Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer going into everything you need to know to get you started.

Murdered: Soul Suspect will be with us on June 6th on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. For those curious to know more, Airtight and Square enix have brought a new trailer delving deeper into the game.

The video details O’connor’s criminal past, the shocking events of his murder and the ghostly detective investigation gameplay you use to solve the mysterious Bell Killer case. With the help of your abilities to enter, read and control minds, the detective skills you took from the world of the living and your clairvoyant side-kick Joy you’ll need to gather the right clues and make the right connections to track down your killer. The trailer shows that Joy’s mother may be destined to meet the same fate O’Connor did under the Bell Killer, intensifying the search.

You’ll also be discovering the story of the dark and foreboding city of Salem and the unfortunate ghostly inhabitants that share your limbo world of Dusk. Uncovering sub-plots and dark secrets will help you aid other ghosts and your investigation.

Also in Dusk are a bunch of nasty soul-eating demons which you’ll either have to evade or take down.

O’Connor will gain a number of ghostly powers as the game progresses. In the video you can see him walk through walls, reading people’s minds, jumping into the body of a cat, performing short distance spirit teleports and viewing ghostly echos of past events.

As the story in Murdered unfolds it become apparent that a dark, sinister force is at work, you’ve got to unravel the bizarre and chilling mystery of the Bell Killer before too many more people die.

Check out the video below to find out more for yourself.

What are your thoughts on Murdered; Soul Suspect, do you think this game will excel at delivering some new gameplay for a big title?

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