NBA Trade Talk: Deron Williams to LA Lakers, Rockets rumors, Injury Status

Could the highly paid Brooklyn Net up sticks to move to LA? His latest operation could be a hindrance, or a help depending on your perspective.

The Brooklyn Nets' season is over, and has been since they were wiped out in a one sided 4-1 conference play-off series by reigning back-to-back champs Miami Heat.

Talk is now switching to rebuilding, just as it is over in LA, where the Lakers did not even make the play-offs.

One of the more extravagant rumors which has sprung up is the suggestion the Nets Deron Williams could leave this off-season to sign with the Lakers, with the Rockets also interested.

The reasoning is clear, LA want a blue-chip player, and the Nets are disappointed with Williams' performance across the season, compared to the expectation when he signed. The Rockets meanwhile would see him as salvageable and capable of tipping their team of stars to further heights.

The poor performances are even acknowledged by Williams, who told ESPN he is having a crisis of confidence: "I used to step on the court and feel like I was the best player no matter who I played against, so I gotta get back to that."

A fresh start may have been the answer, with a article describing Williams and the Nets amid a 'pending divorce'.

The same article described a trade as tricky due to the finances involved, but describe the Houston Rockets as potentially being interested, to add him among top stars James Harden and Jeremy Lin.

A BrooklynGame article discussed a piece in the LA Times, that the Lakers are interested, describing it as feasible from a salary perspective. Deron Williams would be a trade target to replace Steve Nash, and only if they were unable to acquire Kevin Love from the Minnesota Timberwolves.

There has however been a new twist, thanks to the announcement Williams will undergo surgery on both ankles this week, confirmed by ESPN.

The 29-year-old has required injections to play in multiple games this season, with injuries blamed for his poor performances. He hopes this course of action will help enable him to get back to his best, but where?

Could the surgery hamper his chances of a trade? Only slightly. The hope is now, Williams next season will be on an upward trajectory and back to full fitness, having addressed the issue.

If there is financial will to bring him aboard, neither the Rockets nor Lakers will allow their concerns not to do a trade, pending the advice of their own medical teams.

Should Williams really be after a fresh start, the former All-Star may just find a change of scenery is the answer.