Mojang announce Minecraft for PS4, Xbox One and Vita coming in August

Minecraft cover

Miners on PS3 and Xbox 360 will be able to upgrade to PS4 and Xbox One at a discount.

Mojang have provided details for the upcoming PS4, Vita and Xbox One ports for their blockbusting sandbox game Minecraft.

All three are set to land in August though an exact date has not been given as yet.

Xbox One gamers will be able to pick up Minecraft digitally for $19.99. If you’ve already downloaded or bought the disc for the Xbox 360 version you’ll be able to upgrade for $4.99. This upgrade offer will be in place for a year after the Xbox One version launches. Any saved worlds on Xbox 360 can also be transferred to the Xbox One version.

Due to the larger world size available on Xbox One you won’t be able to transfer saved worlds from the new version back to Xbox 360. Cross platform play will also be unavailable between the two Xboxes but a large majority of purchased DLC and texture packs can be carried over if you’re upgrading console.

A version for Vita is also due for download on PSN bundled with the PS3 edition also at $19.99. If you’ve already downloaded the PS3 version from PSN the Vita port will come as a free cross-buy. Mojang are currently working with Sony to offer the same deal to gamers who bought the disc. All Minecraft DLC will also run on the Vita version and saves will be transferable between PS3 and Vita.

Similarly to the Xbox One version the PS4 Minecraft edition will be up on PSN in August for $19.99 or as a $4.99 upgrade if you already have Minecraft on PS3. The PS4 game will come with all the latest PS3 features. PS3 and Vita saves can be moved to PS4 but not the other way round. Again you won’t be able to play cross-platform between PS3/Vita and PS4 but most DLC can be moved over to the 8th gen console.

Both the PS4 and Xbox One ports will offer greatly increased world-size, although this still won’t be infinite as with the PC version and taking advantage of next gen graphics will give a much larger draw distance on the newer consoles. For some comparison screens follow this link.

Below is the original Xbox One Minecraft announcement trailer from last year to tie you over if you’re itching to get the bigger, better next gen Minecraft port.

Please join in with any comments if you’re waiting to get Minecraft on any of the platforms we’ve mentioned. If you’ve already paid for the game on your PS3 or Xbox 360 are you happy to pay the extra to upgrade?

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