Google developing 3D imaging tablet

The Wall Street Journal claims Google is close to developing a tablet capable of producing 3D images.

The WSJ report quotes a source close to Google who said the tech giant is looking to build approximately 4,000 prototypes of the tablet in early June.

The device will allegedly come with a 7-inch display and will feature 'two back cameras, infrared depth sensors and advanced software that can capture precise three-dimensional images of objects.'

Google has already experimented with 3D technology in their smartphones with Project Tango. The company gave 200 devices to developers in March to test out the 3D technology and to see if it has a future in handheld devices.

It is expected that any 3D enabled tablet will follow the development footsteps of the Google Glass and Project Tango by going out to developers and engineers first in a beta stage, and then will get released to the general public much later down the line.

It is understood that the infrared technology in the tablet will be capable of quickly mapping out rooms and buildings by sending out signals that bounce back off solid walls and objects.

The world's biggest technology companies have recently expanded their interest in 3D technology as Facebook purchased Oculus VR, a company that is developing virtual reality headsets, for $2 billion dollars in March.

The WSJ report claims that the 3D Google tablet will be shown off at their annual developer conference in the final week of June.