Five astonishing world changes since Real Madrid last won Champions League

The world has seen a number of changes since 2002 when the Spanish giants last conquered Europe.

On Saturday, Real Madrid will take to the pitch at Estadio da Luz in Lisbon keen determined to win the Champions League for the 10th time in their history.

Los Blancos last won Europe’s premier club competition in 2002. Since then, they have persistently failed in their quest to clinch ‘La Decima’. Between 2010 and 2013, under the management of Jose Mourinho, Madrid reached the semi-finals thrice in a row, but not the final.

Now, in Carlo Ancelotti’s first season in charge of the Spanish giants, they are on the verge of achieving their goal. Madrid fans have waited 12 years for this, 12 years in which the world has undergone many changes.

Below are five key world events which have taken place since Madrid last won the Champions League. Some of them will make one wonder: has it really been that long since the Spanish club lifted the coveted European Cup?

iPhones & iPads were unheard of

Nowadays, iPhone and iPad are quite common, even among the elderly. However, the former was actually released only in 2007, while the latter was launched three years later. Apple and other companies’ smartphones are now sold all over the world. Back in 2002 when Madrid last conquered Europe, many people around the world didn't even have a mobile phone.

Twitter, Facebook & Youtube did not exist

These days people raise eyebrows when they hear that someone does not have a Facebook account. It is really astonishing to realise that the world’s most popular social networking site was founded in February 2004, two years after Madrid last won the Champions League. Twitter? In March 2006. And Youtube? In February 2005. So last time Madrid were on top of the world, all these social networking sites were yet to be launched – it has been that long a wait for their fans.

One could smoke in public places in the UK

It is a crime to smoke in all enclosed work places in the UK. You can watch a football match in the bar, but you cannot light your cigarette. This is now commonplace and everyone accepts it. The law was actually proposed in 2004 and passed in 2007. Back in 2002, it was perfectly acceptable to smoke in public places in the UK.

Pluto was a planet

At the turn of the century, kids grew up learning Pluto to be one of the nine planets in the solar system. Then in August 2006, it was declared that it is only a ‘dwarf planet’. Now, children in schools learn that there are eight planets, not nine.

Serbia and Montenegro was still a single country

Back in 2002, Serbia and Montenegro was one and the same State. Then four years later, Serbia and Montenegro became two different countries.

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