Humble Flying Pack - Guns of Icarus, Strike Vector on sale today

Guns of Icarus

There’s three flight themed games up for grabs in today’s Humble Daily Bundle

Humble Bundle are throwing a fortnight’s series of Flash sales offering up some great games cheap and collecting some money for worthy causes along the way. There really is something for everyone. We’ve seen some big titles, Saints Row: The Third and Dead Island, some import fighting games classics, RTS games, hack and slashers, space sims and a huge bundle of indie games.

It’s worth checking on the Humble store daily to see what’s on offer as each Daily Bundle sale runs for 24 hours only, ending each evening at 7pm in the UK. After today there’ll be 4 more flash sales and no doubt some more diverse choices to come.

Today’s Humble offering is the Flying Pack with three hit flight based titles going cheap.

Pay just $1 or more to fly a solar powered ship avoiding obstacles Space Harrier-style in Race The Sun. Beat the average price, currently set at $3.51 (just over £2.00) and you’ll also get the post-apocalyptic airship battle game Guns of Icarus Online. Dig deeper and contribute $10.00 (around £6.00) to get both the above games and the popular Strike Vector and some intense dog-fighting action.

Proceeds from your purchase, at your direction, will be distributed between the developers and today’s supported charities which are American Red Cross and Child's Play.

Head on over to the Humble Store if you want to pick these games up. The offer is only available today.

Here’s the Strike Vector Greenlight trailer from last year for an inkling of what’s up for grabs today.

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