First screens arrive of spectacular new Dragonball game on PS4

Dragonball New Project Cover

A new Dragonball game is coming with some impressive graphics on PS4

A recent leak in the Japanese press for a new Dragonball game in the works has prompted Namco Bandai to reveal some screenshots from the upcoming PS4 version.

The new Dragonball game currently known under the title ‘Dragonball New Project’ has been announced in an official press release stating that the characters in the new game will have facial expression never seen before with new detailed cel shaded artwork made possible by the graphical possibilities opened up by PS4.

There’s been three screenshots release in total the first is above in the title image, below are the other two.

Dragonball New Project 1

Dragonball New Project 2

A new character will also be coming, you can see him in the Capsule Corporation get-up in the picture above.

A website has been set up for the new game which currently lists Dragonball New Project as coming to PS3, PS4 and Xbox One.


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