Apple to fix iMessage bug in upcoming update

Apple is reportedly fixing the iMessage bug that makes it difficult to switch to an Android device from the iPhone in iOS 7.1.2.

The bug that has been around for some time results in users who switch over to Android, or any other mobile operating system, from the iPhone not receiving texts from people who previously sent them iMessages.

The recipient does not receive the text message and instead it end up lost in Apple's farm of cloud servers and databases.

Re/code claim that what has made the bug even worse is that a server glitch has made it very difficult for staff at Apple to track all the numbers that are leaving iMessage, and then switching over to different mobile operating systems.

Apple has today reported that all server issues are now resolved and that the next update will resolve the bug in iMessage.

The iMessage bug only recently came into the spotlight after a Californian woman brought legal action against Apple.

According to Re/code the lady claimed "Apple’s message-grabbing ways are depriving former customers of the ability to get full value from their wireless service after they give up their iPhones."

The lawsuit was filed last week under the breach of California’s unfair competition law.

MacRumors are reporting an increase in traffic coming from Apple devices running 7.1.2, which suggests Apple is testing the update internally ahead of a public release in the not too distant future.

In the mean time to avoid the iMessage headache, for those abandoning the iPhone, users should turn off iMessage on the device first. Then uncheck their phone number from any other Apple device that uses the service before they actually switch to a different smartphone.