Crusader Kings Bundle on offer at the Humble Bundle Store, today only!

Crusader Kings

Today’s Humble flash sale offers low prices on Steam access to Crusader Kings and Crusader Kings II.

Crusader Kings, the classic historical themed, dynasty building grand strategy game is available up on the Humble Store today. You can pick it up for next to nothing and potentially spend out more to also get Crusader Kings II and a trove of DLC for the sequel.

Pay just $1.00 or more to get Crusader Kings Complete Steam unlock and the Crusader Kings eBook, A Fall of Kings: Champions of Anglia (Book I). Pay $8.00 (just under £5.00) to also get access to Crusader Kings II and pay £20.00 (around £12.00) to get both games and a huge bundle of 21 different DLC packs for Crusader Kings II.

All the content on offer is available on Steam, Crusader Kings II and the DLC pack can be purchased for Windows, Mac and Linux while Crusader Kings Complete is only available for Windows.

The sale ends today (May 21st) at 7pm in the UK, head on over to the Humble Store if you’re keen to take advantage of the offer. You can choose for the proceeds of your purchase to go to the developers and/or today’s featured charity, AbleGamers.

Here’s a launch trailer for Crusader Kings II back in 2012. This is a unique take on the RTS genre with some very involving gameplay.

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