Caffeine: Brand new atmospheric Sci-Fi horror game hits Kickstarter

Caffeine cover

Check out the media we’ve gathered from Caffeine, an Indie Sci-fi horror title with bundles of promise.

Following praise from demo scene reviewers Caffeine has launched on Kickstarter today in search of $70.000 AUD. Caffeine is built by ambitious young developer Dylan Browne and if the initial funding goal is reached it will allow for Browne to work full time on the project to bring a shiny end product with planned Oculus Rift support and some more immersive soundscapes from Bay Drive Sound Studios.

Caffeine is a Sci-Fi horror exploration game with a slightly quirky edge. The game is set in 2097 where, “Earth's resources have run dry decades ago and big corporations have built vast fleets of mining space stations to mine the minerals required to create Caffeine and quench the thirst of billions.”

You play a young boy who wakes up on one such caffeine mining station to find it apparently abandoned and also that you have no memory of what has happened.

Exploring the space station you are beset by scares and puzzles whilst building up a story of events told through interacting with sticky notes, audio logs, whiteboards and the like. The Station has an eerie lived in vibe, as if it’s inhabitants suddenly disappeared, making this game feel like the Marie Celeste in space.

Caffeine has two playable demos one built using the Unreal 3 engine and a newer more graphically sparkly Unreal 4 build.

Some new screens have also arrived showing the spooky, isolating setting of the caffeine station.

Caffeine Screen 1


Caffeine Screen 2


Caffeine Screen 3


Caffeine Screen 4


Caffeine Screen 5



Below is the Kickstarter video containing some complimentary comments from games mags.


Head over to the Kickstarter page to find out more and back the project. Caffeine is currently planned for release on PC next year. What do you make of this game? Please use the comments below to share you thoughts.

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