Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor video shows Rune upgrade system

Shadow Of Mordor

You’ll be able to buff Talion’s weapons with Runes in Shadow of Mordor we’ve a video going into more detail.

A trailer showing off the Rune upgrades in Shadow of Mordor has surfaced. The system used looks a lot more involved than just killing things for loots.

Talion can add various stats to his weapons by winning certain battles to pick up Runes. In order to get standard Runes you’ll need to defeat enemy captain mini-bosses, exploiting different weaknesses on a given captain can influence which Rune you’ll be rewarded with.

To get your hands on the top-tier buffs for your weapons you’ll need to get Epic Runes which are obtained by issuing a death threat to an Elite War Chief who then gathers a posse of henchmen you have to also fight. War chief battles will be harder but the Epic Rune rewards offer up some powerful stuff. The video details flaming arrows as an example but promises much more.

Crafting Epic Runes to your items will make you feared by the Orc hordes and with three weapons and differing Rune customisation options to play around with there’s a fair bit of depth to Talion’s weapon buffs.

As a pre-order bonus you’ll be able to get Runes to start out with depending on where you place your order. Steam pre-orders get an Orc Slayer Rune which increases special attack damage, Gamespot have the Hidden Blade Rune which buffs stealth attacks, Amazon offer the Deadly Archer Rune for arrow headshots and Best Buy are giving out the Flame of Armour Rune which sets Talion’s sword ablaze and lets him chain larger combos.

Here’s the Trailer below.

Shadow of Mordor is coming on 7th October to PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. What do you make of the Rune system in Shadow of Mordor? Have your say in the comments below.

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