Microsoft launches Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro 3

At a small press event in New York today Microsoft unveiled the newest update in its line of tablets, the Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft say they want to erase the need for a laptop, with the Surface Pro 3 they believe that no one should ever be stuck between purchasing a laptop or a tablet again.

The Surface Pro 3 features a huge 12-inch HD display and has a thickness of just 9.1mm. The display has a resolution of 2160 x 1440, which makes it arguably the best tablet display in the market right now.

Microsoft seem to have focused on making this version of the Surface much lighter than its predecessors as it weighs just 800g, which is 107g lighter than the Pro 2.

The new tablet has the power of at PC packed into the shell of a 12-inch tablet. Microsoft and Intel have been working to ensure that the Pro 3 features the latest and most powerful processors, which can fit into a tablet sized device.

Microsoft claim that it's the thinnest product that has an Intel chip inside available on the market right now.

The Surface Pro 3 comes with three processor choices: Intel's i3, i5 or i7 processors. The chassis around fan area has also been redesigned so that it is much less noticeable and intruding.

Microsoft are really marketing the "lapability" of the new tablet. The kickstand has been rebuilt so that it will now support a "canvas mode" which means the device can be used at 150-degrees.

The Type Cover has also been changed slightly to support the Surface Pro 3. It has built-in magnets that latch onto the device's bottom bezel to give much better stability whilst in the typing angle; the trackpad has also had a 68 percent size increase.

Microsoft have introduced a new pen to go side-by-side with the new Surface; it will be able to communicate with the tablet and can be used for writing without any noticeable lag or stutter.

The Surface Pro 3 goes live for preorder tomorrow, but won't be available in the UK until the end of August.

UK pricing has yet to be announced, but you can expect it to be around £700-800 mark as the cheapest i3 model is priced at $799 in the US.