Six reasons to get excited about Wolfenstein: The New Order

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Wolfenstein: The New Order crash-lands tomorrow, we’ve highlighted some of the features that are making this game look worthwhile.

Wolfenstein, the series that helped define the FPS genre in the 1990s is back and with it an outing on next gen consoles. Fans of the Wolfenstein games and newcomers alike will get their chance for some brash all-out FPS slaughter on May 20th.

Look back to the previous Wolfenstein game from 2009 and this wasn’t a title to write home about, while it served to keep the Wolfenstein series going it was largely received as a mediocre attempt compared to other other FPS games around at the time. Looking forward to The New Order and you can see that devs Machine Games are putting a lot into the game that manages to bring the series up to date a bit more whilst also paying homage to the spirit of Wolfenstein 3D and Castle Wolfenstein before it.

Here’s some aspects of the game we think will be making Wolfenstein: The New Order get a better reception than its predecessor.

The Leaning Mechanics.

Blazkowicz will be able to take pot-shots at enemies whilst leaning out from cover. While this isn’t a totally new feature to FPS games it brings The New Order more in line with the, ‘ducking behind things to shoot at enemies’ gameplay common to both action games and shooters of the present day. Having this mechanic opens up more stealthy approaches which leads us nicely to.

The New Order has variety.

This won’t be one long repetitive shoot-out to the end. The games pace get’s mixed-up well and common tropes from present day games will be present, you’ll get stealth sections, infinite bullet gun-turrets, zip-wire travel and even little moral challenges thrown into the story. Some parts of the game open up small 'sandboxy' areas which you can choose to take on either with stealthy take-downs or all out weapnos fury, with game rewards for both. Below is a video comparing the two different approaches.

There’s a nod of appreciation to the old Wolfenstein games.

You’ll start out in the all too familiar castle Nazi escape scenario common to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein 3D and you’ll be slaying a lot of Nazis along the way, albeit this time with them accompanied by some nasty Mech weapons, roboto and armoured German Shepherds. The New Order will also bring in secrets, so searching around for false walls, a feature picked up in Wolfenstein 3D is coming back, this will allow you to take short cuts through levels and open up some easter eggs. There’s also a sense of the sense of humour from the older games coming through. Wolfenstein isn't going for gritty realism, there’s a few jokes thrown into the character dialogue and some comedy German accents that got us giggling.

This game has horror.

You’ll come across some gruesome twists in the story, your Nazi enemies have been doing some horrific experiments on people and your ultimate scalp, Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse your stereotypical mad Nazi scientist makes a reappearance from the previous games.

This game has some great weapons.

Making it a obnoxious blast-fest if you want it to and giving it the feel of great 90s FPS games like Doom and Quake. You’ll get to pick up a gratifyingly hardcore shotgun that one-shots enemies into little pieces up close and a wealth of heavy-duty mechanical weapons with plenty of fire-power.

The New Order looks great.

Especially for those lucky next gen gamers who get this at 1080p and 60fps. The story moves from 1940s to 1960s and takes on the stylistic differences well. The scale of the levels is expansive and the mech-Nazi industrial aesthetics don’t get too dull. Care has also been taken to flesh out the game fluff with recordings of famous 1960s pop songs redone in German and remade images of post war events and as a whole the alternate universe you inhabit has a bit of depth to it.

On top of all this if you pre-order Wolfenstein, you’ve got one day left to do it, you can get access to the Doom 4 beta or DOOM as it is being called giving you a double hit of FPS nostalgia.

Wolfenstein: The New order is out tomorrow on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. We’re interested to hear your thoughts on the new Wolfenstein game, will you be playing this or do you think it pales in comparison to games like CoD and Battlefield? Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

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