New pictures show a sneak preview of Planetside 2 on the PS4

Planetside 2 Logo

For Planetside 2 fans who can’t wait until E3 here’s the first look at the PS4 version.

The pictures came from PlanetSide 2 executive producer Clint Worley on twitter

It’s interesting to note in the first image below that a Vita is shown hinting at remote playability with the PS4 version of Planetside 2




In response to the question of whether the PS4 would equal PC Ultra graphics settings Worley replied, ““We are still working on optimizations for the PS4. It will be running at 1080 at E3 though!”

All eyes will turn to E3 for the anticipated PS4 port of SoE’s massive open-world MMO shooter and no doubt we’ll be getting some gameplay footage soon.

What do you make of these first images of the PS4 Planetside 2 port? Please leave your comments below

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