New Destiny trailer details player abilities, game events and more


A new trailer from Bungie shows the devs going into some of the gameplay features for the hotly anticipated MMO shooter Destiny

The video shows some of the enemies you’ll encounter and some of the gaming environments. Speaking on the video Destiny devs also go into the different double jump, lift and  glide abilities available to different classes and how to pull off super attacks. Also explained in more detail is the mechanics for how player battles can emerge. Destiny will spawn events that bring in larger groups of players for large scale PvP on the fly. Players will then have the option to join in with fights by firing into battle or can walk away unscathed by taking no action.

Destiny is due to start in beta phase In july firstly on PS3 and then on PS4, Activision are expected to confirm a solid due date for the beta at E3. The final game has previously been confirmed for release on September 9th om PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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