EE to release 5G network by 2022

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Everything Everywhere claim that they will be rolling out 5G connectivity to the whole of the UK by 2022.

The network company are currently involved in research with the 5G Innovation Centre at the University of Surrey.

In a report from The Telegraph Prof Andy Sutton, EE's principal network architect said that 5G connectivity would one day bring 5000 times more capacity than 3G and 1000 times more than 4G.

The professor also went on to say that 5G could bring downloads speeds up to a phenomenal 10Gbps+. This is a massive leap in speed compared to EE's fastest 4G speeds, which clock in at around 300mbps.

EE is the largest mobile phone network carrier in the UK and has over 3 million customers paying for their service.

They were the first network to bring 4G connectivity to life and have been trumpeting it ever since with heavy advertising and marketing.

The introduction of 4G came at a price though. Contract prices are more expensive if you opt into having 4G data, so whenever 5G is released you should most certainly expect another contract price hike.

The report also claims that 5G coverage will be much more expansive than 4G and 3G meaning those who live in the more rural areas will be able to access the next generation mobile connectivity.

EE even believe that 5G could be a viable replacement for people's home broadband units. Andy Sutton said: "It would certainly provide a viable alternative, just as 4G does today.

"We’re already seeing great things from 4G as an alternative to fixed line broadband in rural areas, and 5G could take this to the next level."

Sutton went on to say that the development of 5G could mean that a 6G network is unnecessary.