The new Godzilla cost $160m, these classic foes came in a lot cheaper

Godzilla 2014 Poster

King Ghidorah

Godzilla's biggest opponent, with three heads and any number of pseudonyms (Kaiser Ghidorah being only the most German). Always fights alone. #sosad

MechagodzillaDespite looking like a kitchen utensil, Mechagodzilla can claim to have defeated the Big G in battle. Has rainbow laser breath and fires missiles from its toes.


A ginormous fluffy frenemy, Mothra is both foe and sidekick. Before meeting Godzilla it starred in its own films, so you can see why it might have been upset.


A mutated cuttlefish (naturally), Gezora came to fame in Space Amoeba, after it killed many people and got set on fire. Earned it a cameo in Godzilla: Final Wars.


Made entirely of smog, this monster gains power by eating more smog. Tricky. Godzilla worked out that the only way to beat it was to dry it out. So he did.


Made of thousands of tiny creatures, it can cut Godzilla with its razor forehead. Likes to be known as 'Destroyah' but needs the extra 'o' for copyright reasons.

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