Apple and Google finally agree to stop suing each other

The patent war could be coming to an end as Apple and Google have reached a mutual decision to drop all pending patent infringement cases.

Apple had been embroiled in a four-year bitter battle with Google/Motorola Mobility over patents that each company claimed the other had infringed.

According to Reuters the two have decided to reach a settlement that dismisses any remaining patent lawsuits. Although the report does stress that this settlement does not include patent cross-licensing, which is where each company grants the other a license to use its intellectual property.

As a result of this agreement the two tech giants have decided that they will be working together "in some areas of patent reform".

The two tech companies released this very short statement: "Apple and Google have also agreed to work together in some areas of patent reform."

The Apple/Motorola patent war began in 2010 when Motorola claimed that Apple and infringed on technology that allowed a smartphone to connect to the Internet via a 3G connection.

Apple fired back with claims of their own that Motorola's devices infringed on many of the patents that Apple had filed to feature in iPhones.

When Google took over Motorola in 2012 in a deal worth $12.5 billion it inherited the ongoing legal battle. In the same year the case was dismissed by a Chicago federal judge, however in the April just gone Apple were granted another opportunity to continue the case after taking the decision to the appeals court.

The Washington federal appeals court were informed yesterday by Google and Apple officials that they wanted the impending lawsuits dismissed. Unfortunately for Samsung this does not mean that Apple will be willing to drop the lawsuits in their legal tussle any time soon.