X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer shows Mystique in Action

X Men Days Of Future Past

Days of Future Past hits the cinemas this month we’ve got the latest trailer focusing on Jennifer Lawrence as the high-kicking shape-shifter Mystique.

The next installment in the massive X-Men movie franchise Days of Future Past sees some time hopping action between the Professor X and Magneto of the original films and the younger fresh faced characters from First Class.

Sending Wolverine back in time to avert an apocalyptic future Stewart and McKellen seek to contact their younger selves.

Pivotal to Wolverine's mission comes Jennifer Lawrence as the blue, red-head, shape changing mystique, not only endowed with the impressive mutant skill of being able to impersonate any person exactly but also pretty useful in a fight.

Check out the trailer below giving some teases of Mystique’s role in the action.

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